I am presently Art Director for web at Victoria's Secret PINK but will always consider small creative partnerships with conceptual, aspiring people. Please email me.

04.09.09 » I have just designed (and uploaded) the logo for Freedom Week 2009. As an event to be held later this year, it champions the cause of human trafficking victims in New York and around the world.

04.01.09 » I have [officially] assumed the position of Art Director at Makeover Solutions. For all the critics of my personal fashion habits, now you really have some fodder.

02.02.09 » Ha. Look who's on Twitter.

12.11.08 » My design for the new album by Alex Paul has arrived in the mail. It's hot, if I say so myself. I will post pictures as soon as I am able.

10.01.08 » The New Hope, an Obama-themed gallery exhibit with Hyperakt ran in Geneva, Switzerland at Flux Laboratory, October 30 through November 17, 2008.

09.23.08 » Miss Jessie's packaging published in issue 160 of étapes magazine, a French graphic arts magazine.

06.30.08 » Hyperakt is featured as an Editor's Choice on, highlighting Miss Jessie's packaging.

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