Worship 2008
The Worship____. series is an ongoing campaign started in my undergraduate studies in 2005. As part of this series, the Worship 2008 posters were created for The New Hope gallery show, an art exhibit with Hyperakt at Flux Laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland. The show ran November 1-17, 2008.

In the 2008 US Presidential election, I was intrigued at how both Obama and Palin stood out from their own running mates and became idols in their own right. While it's not surprising that Biden was not an object of major attention, McCain's place behind his vice presidential nominee Palin was noteworthy.

These works serve as a launching point to begin asking questions, mainly: What do we truly believe in? Who do we serve? What truly matters to us? Why do we all idolize something?

Photos of the exhibit can be found here. 3D renderings by Andrew Jerabek.